About John Hill AKA Small Mountain

In 2012, I was asked to move into my first B2B sales role as a medical device sales person. It was the first time I struggled in sales and I am thankful for that experience because it forced me to become coachable around sales.

Before that, I struggled with all the things that all salespeople struggle with: ego, lack of confidence, afraid of success, outlook of limitations vs abundance.

In 2014, I was invited to help a close friend grow a website design agency. That was the beginning of where I would change.

I worked with coaches, read everything I could get my hands one, and really started to work on improving.

I had been in sales for close to 20 years, in various shapes, but moving into the small business segment and learning about networking and entrepreneurship forced me to get out of my comfort zone and really change.

I left the website design agency in 2018 and now have a couple of things I work on. You can see them listed below along with social links for following and sharing.

Current Companies:
-Adapted Growth -

A company focused on giving small teams and entrepreneurs a repeatable process to sell with. We reduce the gaps between salespeople on the same team. We use technology to capture data on what is working and what isn't. We make your CRM something you see value in using.

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-Sales Throwdown - Selling is first and foremost about conversation. We take a deep dive into personalities and comfort zones using the DISC methodology to talk about what holds us back and how to keep moving forward.

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-John Small Mountain Blog - This blog where I discuss things I learn or mess up in my journey of constant improvement. I offer recommendations on everything from books to technology. Sign up for the Sherpa Newsletter here.

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My goal is to help people think about sales differently, change sales cultures for owners and salespeople, and help people feel comfortable starting something on their own.