Podcasts are a complete game changer.
Here are some of that I recommend.

Noah Kagan Presents
A great podcast about business and marketing and highlights the stories of some nteresting people who you have not heard of that are doing really great things in business. Take a look and find out more here!

Jocko Podcast
Jocko Willink spent 20 years in the Navy SEALS and now runs a leadership and coaching business. He is also the co-author of “Extreme Ownership”, which is on my to-read list. The podcast goes in deep on leadership topics that are relevant to business and everyday life.
Take a look here.

The Tim Ferriss Show
This was the one that started it all for me, first podcast that I ever listened to on a regular basis. If you don’t know who Tim is, well I am not sure how you got here! Author of many books about optimization and efficiency in business and personal development. These are very long episodes, but he goes deep. Take a look here.