You Are Great at Sales.

You Just Don’t Know It Yet.

Stop banging your head against the wall, 

and find sales solutions customized for your business goals and needs.

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Selling is no longer



Improved communication



Enhanced ability to

relate to others


Work with more

qualified prospects

Sales Doesn’t Have To Be So Difficult

With a little guidance, planning, and practice, 

you can quickly begin to solve the issues that you’ve been dealing with for so long.


No sales process or

insufficient planning


Feeling pushy, slimy, or not myself

during sales conversations


Poor communication resulting in lost

deals or unhappy clients


Little visibility and

unreliable predictions

How We Work

If you’ve been struggling in your sales role or aren’t seeing enough progress from your team, it probably

means that you haven’t found a process that aligns with your ambitions or personality. 


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First, we have to figure out what challenges you are facing and how you see yourself overcoming them. Once we understand your goals, your needs, and what’s holding you back, we can develop a plan for how we’ll help. Sometimes, you just need a little nudge in a new direction, or you might need a complete process overhaul. Whatever you need, the first step is to identify it and discuss it.

Personality Assessments

The best sales conversations happen when you know the personality and communication styles of both yourself and the other person. If you want to improve in sales, personality assessments are a must. We’ll provide you with the assessment, and then we’ll go over your results with you. We’ll find out how you communicate, how you sell, what motivates and demotivates you, and so much more. This knowledge will help us work more effectively together, and in the long run, will make you a better salesperson.

Creating a Plan

Our #1 priority is to help you sell better as quickly as possible with the team and resources you already have. That only works if everybody, from top to bottom, is equally invested. So we will look at what your clients expect from your company, how your team feels about where they are and what they’re doing, and how you are finding your clients. Then, based on our conversations and your assessment results, we’ll decide what you need to help you and your team reach the goals you’re working toward.

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Who Am I?


Hi, I’m John “Small Mountain” Hill, founder of Adapted Growth.

If you’re like me, you’ve spent the majority of your career selling. Or maybe you’re new and haven’t had the time or experience to figure it all out yet. We were all new once upon a time.

In my 20+ years of selling, I’ve dealt with every challenge you’ve ever faced and then some: seemingly unreasonable quotas, pressure from bosses, poor training, inferior products, small target markets, lack of confidence and conversational know-how, and just plain exhaustion from trying so hard.

Then, somebody showed me a better way.

To be honest, I’m the product of excellent coaching and a lot of hard work. Without the help and guidance of mentors and peers, I never would have improved and evolved as a salesperson the way I have. And without the desire to find more ways to grow and develop my sales and communication skills, I wouldn’t have found what works best for me.

Now, I want to encourage other salespeople to find their way.

Through Adapted Growth, I’ve helped people:
– implement CRM solutions that streamlined their entire selling strategies,
– find space to practice and improve their sales conversations in group or 1:1 coaching,
– gain more leads or grow their professional network through LinkedIn,
and more.

If you’re struggling or if you know there’s room to improve but don’t know where to start, let’s talk.

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Selling From Scratch:
How to Sell More by
Simply Being Human


Not sure if I can help? Don’t quite have the budget for personalized sales coaching at the moment?

Or you just need to know more about how I think about sales and business before we talk?

Selling From Scratch is an inside look into exactly how and why I sell the way I do.

Here’s an easy and (hopefully!) helpful way of doing that.

Buy the BOOK

What Makes Us Different

Every sales consultant will tell you that they are performance and accountability-driven.

We are too.

But we also believe that humans are humans. No matter how tight of a sales process you have, and no matter how hard your team works, selling isn’t an exact science.

A successful sales team isn’t just defined by how much money they bring in. Success is shown in how well they follow the process and how driven they are to improve.

If you want to promote a sales culture that leads to long-lasting and invested salespeople, it starts with providing thorough onboarding, accountability and practice, realistic expectations, and consistent messaging and support.

Adapted Growth can offer multiple services to support those goals, but it all starts with personality assessments.

Knowing who we’re helping guides us in how we can help.

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Who We Help

Sales Reps and Teams

Few companies teach their sales reps how to sell; even fewer have the resources for continuous training. Whether you’re taking the initiative to improve by yourself or you’re a sales manager who needs some outside assistance, we have options to help you learn how to sell more reliably and efficiently.

Solopreneurs and Creatives

You may not want to be a salesperson per se, but between selling yourself, your services, and developing relationships to help your business grow, you are. We can teach you how to develop a process and have the conversations you need to make everything easier without giving up who you are or changing what you do.

Lead Gen Agency

You know how to market and find an audience for your clients. But leads aren’t always enough. What you might be struggling with is how to help those clients close the deals on all of those fantastic leads you’re giving them. When they’re closing more, they’ll love you more. And you’ll have more room to grow.

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